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Host our Bitcoin kiosk at your location. Here's how:

Cyrpto Lagoon pays you monthly rent, per location.

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New customers and increased foot traffic.
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FREE Advertising
(Crypto Lagoon Bitcoin ATMs are posted on a network of websites that allow Bitcoin customers to find the ATM closest to them. This network of customers translates into greater exposure for your business.)
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If your location already has a regular ATM, you can expect more customers withdrawing their money to use the Bitcoin ATM, which will increase your profit margin.


Bitcoin and digital currencies are growing in popularity, and Bitcoin ATMs are sprouting up all across the country. Crypto Lagoon has a solid team with years of experience in the crypto space. The founder and CEO grew a previous Bitcoin ATM company to a network of over 250 machines. The team plans to take Crypto Lagoon to even higher verticals. Crypto Lagoon continues to strive to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. We currently have multiple locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. If you would like more customers, more ATM transactions, and a consistent source of revenue, give us a call at (877)354-7286 or by email at



What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cash for the internet.

How much space do I need for a machine?

15” x 15”, slightly less space than a traditional ATM, as you can see below from one of our locations.

How much electricity does it use?

The machine uses as much power as a phone charger (minimal electricity). One standard 110v plug is required for power.

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